Isn’t She Lovely

stevie&us.loresThis past Tuesday I had a surprise evening for my lovely wife. It happened quite unexpectedly. I received VIP tickets for both of us to go see and meet Stevie Wonder in concert.

I started out the day picking up a customer at the five star hotel and resort, Keswick Hall. I am one of their preferred transportation and taxi drivers. The customer needed for me to take her on a few errands around Charlottesville and be brought back to the hotel.

I noticed she was wearing a Stevie Wonder sweatshirt from his “Songs in the Key of Life Performance Tour.” I asked her, “What brings you to Charlottesville?” She said, “I am with a guest at the hotel.” I asked if she was going to the Stevie Wonder concert tonight. She said, “Yes, are you?” I immediately said, “No, I wish.”

She then began to share with me that the guest she was staying with was Stevie Wonder himself. She was his personal chef. My jaw dropped. I immediately went into I can’t believe it/WOW! mode. From that point on she quickly learned I was a big fan of his music and so was my wife, Betty. She’s probably an even bigger fan than I am.

selfiewonder.loresMy customer got on her phone and asked me who I would like to bring to the concert and also meet Mr. Wonder backstage. Overjoyed, I exclaimed “Are you kidding me!”

My wife couldn’t have been more surprised and blessed that evening to see Stevie Wonder, up close and personal (7th row from the front stage) .

It definitely is one of those life moments that started with a routine taxi ride and ended up being one of the best stories Betty and I will never forget.

Laid To Rest


My taxi at the junkyard.

Two weeks ago today, my taxi cab died and my wife lived. It was a horrible accident. A small sedan hit my taxi and flipped it onto its side. Betty was driving with no passengers and suffered a few broken ribs. The other driver walked away without injury. The police report noted that she (the other driver) was speeding and is pending charges.

The day after news clipping of the accident.

The day after news clipping of the accident.

Betty and I have been out of work since the accident. The days that followed, I was taking care of Betty at home and at the same time desperately looking for a vehicle to replace my taxi since it was beyond repair. Each day that passed was a day without income.

Now, I’m happy to announce that I have bought a finer vehicle and I’m back at work and Betty is doing so much better and she hopes to be back at work soon.

You never know what life can bring with it, the good and the bad. I am blessed and grateful that Betty is by my side and we are moving forward.

My new vehicle. A 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.

My new vehicle. A 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.

“Never forget yesterday, but always live for today…Because you never know what tomorrow can bring, or what it can take away…”

“The Elvis Presley Band”

dmbA call came in mid afternoon wanting me to transport a band from one airport to another to get to their next gig in Detroit, Michigan. That band is the Dave Matthews Band. I jumped at the opportunity and was at the airport in about 10 minutes.

When they got in my taxi, I pretended as if I didn’t know them and asked them who they were. They almost simultaneously said they were the Elvis Presley Band as they laughed it off. I told them that I saw them in 1988 at Traxx night club in Charlottesville. They quickly corrected me and said that it most likely was in 1990 when the band starting playing in and around Charlottesville and beyond.

This selfie of Dave Matthews and I was taken as they were about to board a private jet flying off to Detroit to play. Thank you Dave for the opportunity to do a selfie with you and share this on my blog. Until next time…

Named Favorite Taxi Blog

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An Unusual Phenomenon in the Skies

3 Sun BeamsAn unusual phenomenon in the skies while driving to my next run occurred the other day. 3 sun beams shooting out from the dark clouds looming in the distance. I quickly wanted to capture it with my phone before it vanished away while driving my taxi. Don’t try this with your vehicle. When my daughter was young, in seeing these sun beams from the sky, she would say to me, “Look Daddy, someone has gone up to heaven.”