A Shipper

I was dispatched to pick up a woman at the local hotel in town. She needed to go to a department store to get some things.

As I often do, I like to strike up conversation with my customers to get to know them better. I asked her what she did and she said she was a shipper. I thought it very odd. I instantly thought, what shipyard was even close nearby?

As she stepped out of the cab, she asked me to wait for her. While I waited for her to return from the store to go back to her hotel, I decided to google on my phone the definition of a shipper. I came upon one of the definitions as being someone who supports a fictional romantic relationship, usually on the internet. Again, I thought it very unusual.

Not knowing what exactly she did as a shipper, my curiosity kept me going to where I couldn’t wait to talk to her about her profession when she got back in my cab. As she entered my cab, I began to talk to her about being a shipper and what it is like for her, she squirmed, and said “No, I am a stripper.”